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Trio S tring

We have a wide range of pop music and classical music favorites to draw from, which makes our string trio perfect for any ceremony. For cocktail hour and reception, we recommend this ensemble for events up to about 150 guests.

Our newest and most unique group, this group takes a timeless ensemble and adds a fun twist that gets the party started! With drummer, 2 violinists, and 1 cellist, our string trio and drums group is incredibly versatile and unforgettable.

Incredibly versatile, you can have totally flexible options to have the best of both worlds: Have the AS trio perform for your wedding ceremony and then our exclusive drummer joins for an upbeat cocktail hour.

We also provide amplification and electric instruments for larger events!

Did you know we make your planning easier with special cocktail hour set lists? Check them out here!

Our newest group is getting into the recording studio shortly, so enjoy our classic string trio videos below.